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Forbes: The Largest 3D Printed School In The World Is Being Built In Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, over 2,000 local schools have been damaged and 330 destroyed since the Russian invasion began 16 months ago.


interfax - Ukraine: Team4UA Humanitarian Foundation launches ready-to-eat food program for front-line villages – head

The Team4UA Humanitarian Foundation is launching a ready-made food program for front-line villages, founder and head of the Team4UA Humanitarian Foundation, well-known tech entrepreneur Jean-Christophe Bonis said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.


we are minds: A futurist, entrepreneur, TED speaker, writer, passionate about new technologies and tireless globe-trotter, Jean-Christophe Bonis

was recognized in 2019 among the most influential French expert in the field of artificial intelligence across the planet.


pragmatika: Jean-Christophe Bonis. The emotional connection of a person with artificial intelligence is inevitable

Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology — Jean-Christophe Bonys is ready to answer any questions related to innovation. In order not to list all the titles of "the most influential Frenchman on the planet in the field of artificial intelligence", Jean-Christophe is often presented as a futurist.