Back To The Moon For Good – The New Space Race

Narrated by Tim Allen (voice of Buzz Lightyear), this is a complete behind-the-scenes feature on the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized prize in history. Adapted from the award-winning digital planetarium show, the 24-minute movie chronicles 18 teams from around the world looking to make history by landing a privately funded robotic spacecraft on the Moon. This global competition is designed to spark imagination and inspire a renewed commitment to space exploration, not by governments or countries – but by the citizens of the world. 

How AI makes Super Mario clever

Mario Lives! An Adaptive Learning AI Approach for Generating a Living and Conversing Mario Agent
Stephan Ehrenfeld, Fabian Schrodt, & Prof. Dr. Martin V. Butz
Cognitive Modeling, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Tübingen, Germany


Introducing Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first.


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