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The power of passionate mentoring

Sharing knowledge, giving feedback, breaking the isolation, challenging the strategy, opening new horizons... Mentoring and entrepreneurship are the two sides of the same coin !

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What is It to be a mentor ?

Having dedicated all my career to entrepreneurship and innovation strategy, i'm now working hand in hand with the next generation of entrepreneurs as mentor and board member. What is it to be a mentor ?

Breaking the loneliness of the entrepreneur, sharing experience, giving feedback, facilitating the networking, challenging the strategy, opening new horizons... Mentoring is a subtle balance between sharing a long experience of work and letting the mentoree do his own mistakes.

Without judging or being fully operational, the mentor has a unique position beside the entrepreneur to help him grow his company by sharing experience and acting like a benevolent guide.

More than a passion, I constantly challenge myself to be outside of my comfort zone. I consider that mentoring is the best way to give back to the new generation, for it is something i would have loved to have access to when i started my first company. 

What makes the difference

forever geek but not only...

Technology is not a goal but a way to answer a concrete problem for market, a process, a social environment or a human weakness. My areas of intervention as mentor or special advisor are by nature very large integrating among other subjects :

  • Technology
  • Product and Use
  • Business Model
  • Digital Transformation
  • Organization
  • Hyper Growth Management
  • Innovation and Team Agility
  • International
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