Forbes meets the French Futurist

Virginie Achouch came to interview me for Forbes at the rio.Futuro conference.
I tell him about the changes that are taking place behind our blinders.

I answered Virginie Achouch’s questions for Forbes. Some questions about the future of mankind.
Our next day is made up of logics of use and not of logics of business. What can we bring to a consumer, a user?
What does he need or what he doesn’t need yet? We must anticipate.

Some manufacturers have understood this and are able to bypass the problem of planned obsolescence. The goal is to be able to analyze, duplicate and repair defective machines or parts. How ? The machines will be connected so that they respond to this request on their own. They will learn.

The mankind is maybe on his last invention : artificial intelligence.

Assistants made up of algorithms will complement our lives. They’ll know better than us what we want, what we love and this is how they could anticipate our needs.  No matter the field.

Mass communication will no longer exist. We will see the advent of case-by-case communication of human characteristics and values.

Our world is changing from a technological and ethical point of view. However, it is not ready to face up problems that are closer than we thought.
The third world war will be men-machines and we must ask ourselves the right questions and prepare ourselves before it’s too late.

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