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What if your next date was a robot?

Sexbots are controversial. Looking at this “phenomenon” through the look of society says a lot about what is at stake on a deeper level…
Sex robots are now super realistic, enhanced with artificial intelligence and able to interact with us. Are we going to actually date them?

Our distorted lives : from Instagram to virtual reality

A few years ago, a woman let her little girl starve to death while she was playing World of Warcraft. She evolved for days in a virtual world. When she noticed the child’s condition, she called an ambulance, but they couldn’t resuscitate the girl, who had even swallowed cat litter. This extreme case raises many […]

Harder better faster stronger : will AI & robots steal our jobs?

The fear that machines might replace us is nothing new. Since the movie “Modern Times” by Charlie Chaplin, it haunts novels, essays and movies. It even goes back to Antiquity, when we wondered if an oxen pulling a plow meant our work force was obsolete. Now that the robotization of tasks is becoming the norm, […]

Our private data and their treatment: civilization and its discontent

The age of digital recklessness is over. We can’t anymore be naked on the web, both literally and figuratively. According to the latest study by Norton Lifelock and Harris Poll Institute, 67% of French people are worried about the protection of their personal data. It’s not too soon, but it might already be too late… […]

Facial recognition will not ensure public safety, here’s why…

Videosurveillance with facial recognition won’t really benefit our security, but it could turn our daily lives into a Black Mirror-ish dystopia. These last few months, it has been increasingly used to secure popular events, airports or schools access. But this technology is neither ethical nor reliable to ensure public safety, and here’s why… (TW : […]