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ABOUT jean-christophe

a french entrepreneur passionate about innovation

A futurist, entrepreneur, TED speaker, writer, passionate about new technologies and tireless globe-trotter, I was recognized in 2019 among the most influential French experts in the field of artificial intelligence across the planet.

After a career as a VC, I decided to leave everything to give a meaning to my life. I travelled the 5 continents to meet the different cultures impacted by today’s digital challenges. An entrepreneur committed to the ecosystem of successful start-ups, I led for 10 years a start-up studio dedicated to projects in the field of artificial intelligence (anomaly detection, computer vision, smart city and industry 4.0).

Facing success and fails, I believe in «Tech for Good» and empirical experience. Having dedicated all my career to innovation strategy, I now work hand in hand with the next generation of entrepreneurs as mentor and board member. Led by my knowledge and influenced by the latest happenings, I have actively participated since the beginning of 2020 to lead the implementation of deep learning solutions in the fields of health tech and green tech.

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but i also...

Speak in public

The best way to have butterfly in the stomach after eating chocolate.

Create media content

I wanted to be an actor, but artificial intelligence is pretty cool as well !

Travel the world

87 countries explored so far by backpack, car, boat, foot, motorbike, hot air balloon and camel.

Tech influencer in medias

Sharing is caring, remember !

Love to cook

Cooking is giving love. It's my way to contribute to the french diplomacy around the world.

Play saxophone jazz

Saxophone and clarinet are my instruments. I'm not sure to be good but at least i like it.


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